Lake Wimico Cruise

$400 half-day / $750 full-day

Up to 6 guests

Boat Type: Pontoon

Lake Wimico Cruise — Apalachicola River

Lake Wimico is located on the lower Apalachicola River system midway between Port. St. Joe and Apalachicola.

It is an isolated jewel. . . hard to find and even harder to get to — no roads in or out, no houses, no water skiers, no heavy boat traffic, and virtually no people just nature. . . lots and lots of nature.

On the 4,000-acre lake you will see Florida the way it used to be. Unspoiled natural beauty, birds from the coast and from the swamp, you may even see a nesting pair of bald eagles and most trips you will find that you have the lake all to yourself.

And you will enjoy the ride just as much. To get to the big lake we’ll go through Depot Creek – named for the St. Joseph Depot on Florida’s 1st steam engine railroad line The Lake Wimico and St. Joseph Canal Railroad (chartered in 1837 as one of America’s first railroads) – where you can still see pilons from the old line. Then past some old Indian burial grounds – yes, they are real, they are ancient, and some say haunted … but unfortunately access is restricted.

This is not a trip for swimmers. The Lake itself is loaded with alligators and lots of grass. So bring your camera, your binoculars, a grateful spirit and sense of splendor . . .we’ll take care of the rest.

*** For parties over 6 people call (850)-227-5802 or email ***

Half-Day trips (morning & afternoon)$400. 

Sandra Gayle Carter

Lexington, KY

Mark Robinson

Atlanta, GA

Justin King

Festus, MO