Here’s a complied list of our most Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Provided and/or What Should I Bring?

Flotation devices, licenses, ice, bait, fishing poles and tackle are all provided. However, if you have a child under the age of three, you may want to bring a lifejacket that will fit them. You should bring sunscreen, towels, drinks and any snacks you would like to eat.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 48 hours you will receive a full refund – no questions asked. If not, no refund can be given.

Now, about the weather … The weather is, of course, an exception for cancellations and the weather changes often and fast around here. We leave all weather cancellations up to the Captain. Light rain and a little wind don’t necessarily mean canceled trips If the Captain says you can go then the trip cannot be cancelled and refunded.

It’s best to assume your trip is ON and meet us at the dock unless you hear from the Captain.

We also can’t cancel within the 48 hour period for things like hot and humid weather, dealing with hangovers, ‘just not feelin’ it today,’ forgot we were on Eastern Time (not Central Time), some in your party couldn’t make it at the last minute, weather forecasts, or rain clouds in the area. (Yes. we heard all of these and more)

What if the Weather is Bad?

Our Charters are all based on a “weather permitting” standard and we leave all weather cancellations up to the Captain. Often we have passing showers so light rain and a little wind don’t necessarily mean canceled trips If the Captain says you can go then the trip is on.

If we end up having or expecting poor weather during the time you are scheduled to ride we will either wait it out or try very hard to reschedule.

Bottom Line: If you have reservations PLAN ON COMING unless we call you. We will ALWAYS let you know if we need to cancel due to bad weather. If you do not hear from us then you should plan on being there for your tour/charter.

If we cancel because of weather we will, of course, refund your payment and there will be no charge for the charter.

Do you Add People or Fill Spaces to the Charter I Booked?

No.  All of our Charters are exclusively for you the paying client. We don’t add additional clients to your trip. From 1-6 people its Your charter/Your time/Your crew

How Long Are the Trips?

Half-day charters are 4 hours long and begin at either 8:00am or 1:00pm

Full-day charters are 8 hours long and begin at 9:00am

The sunset cruise is a  1 1/2 hour charter that leaves 30 minutes before sunset and returns just before dark.  (sunset times change throughout the year, so the captain will give you exact times when you book)

What If We Have More Than 6 People?

We can accommodate crews of more than 6 people on all but our fishing trips.  Give us a call at (850)-227-5802 or email us at booking@balihaicharters.com if your party is more than 6.

Do I Need a Fishing License?

No. Our Captain’s USCG (United States Coast Guard) license covers you as a fisherman on the boat.

Can I Bring Adult Beverages?

Yes.  As long as you are old enough to legally buy it and drink it then you can have it on our boat.

What To Do with The Fish We Catch?

We strongly encourage catch and release (with a photo of the big ones of course) but if you want to keep your catch we will dress the fish at the end of our trip.

(We might suggest an little extra tip for the Captain if this is he case)

Tipping Policy?

Tipping is customary and quite common for Charter services.  Our Captain and land side crew work hard to make sure your time on our boat is special. So we encourage a tip for the Captain that is commiserate with your experience at the end of your Charter.

What Time Zone Are You In?


Good question.  We are very close to the Eastern/Central Time Zone line so this question comes up often.  We are in the EASTERN Time Zone – all of our Charter times go by EASTERN time (not Central Time)

Am I Guaranteed

We wish!  But unfortunately we (and any other Charter operation) cannot guarantee your catch.  We get asked this a lot. Our Captain knows where the fish are but most times its up to the fish and mother nature as to whether they are biting and caught.

Can We Take Pictures?

Absolutely yes. We encourage you to take pictures. Just be careful.  Anytime you are near water there is always a chance that your camera/phone may get wet.

Do I Need To Make Reservations?


We strongly encourage you to use our online booking service – just click on the “Book Now” button.  We also take reservations over the phone or by email

Pro Tip:  If you are coming into the area for vacation then making reservations before you arrive in the area or as soon as you get here is strongly suggested  — the earlier, the better.  We are usually full for the week by Tuesday during the peak Spring/Summer season.

On occasion we do have a cancellations and can fit in a group when availability opens up. We also take names on a stand-by list in case we have immediate openings.  Just give us a call if you’re looking to go on a whim or at the last minute.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), Cash, Personal Checks,  A valid credit card is required to hold your reservation.